10% Down Payment Preserves Working Capital

The 504 Loan Program provides 90% financing of the total project cost for most commercial real estate and equipment purchases. A 10% down payment allows business owners to preserve working capital for business growth and retains liquidity to meet operating needs.

Below Market Interest Rates

Community Business Finance offers below market, fixed rates for 20 years. Why settle for variable or higher market rates when you can have peace of mind with a fixed rate?

Longer Loan Amortizations – Reasonable Monthly Payments

With the 504 Loan Program, 20 and 25-year loan amortizations allow for smaller monthly payments. By utilizing the combined benefit of a 10% down payment, below market interest rates and longer loan amortizations versus traditional lending, you can minimize your monthly payment and realize the many advantages of owning commercial real estate.

Build Equity in Your Business by Owning vs. Leasing

Owning offers control, consistency, and financial advantages that leasing cannot provide. In addition, mortgage payments are often less than rent amounts. This not only saves you money in the long run, but also frees up more of your available cash each month. Paying a mortgage instead of rent lets your money continue to work for you instead of your landlord.

Finance Closing and Other Soft Costs

You can finance closing and other soft costs into your 504 Loan. This keeps out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum in order to preserve more capital for other uses.

No Balloon Payments, Calls or Covenants

No balloon payments, calls or negative loan covenants enable borrowers to have more control, more peace of mind and less lender micro-management.

504 Loans are Assumable

If you sell your property in the future, the buyer can assume the loan at today's historically low interest rates.