• Community Business Finance’s 504 Loan Program is Certified in Louisiana

    Great things are happening at Community Business Finance! We are excited to announce that we have received our certification to offer our 504 Loan Program in Louisiana. We look forward to building relationships with business owners and lenders in these new communities. We are also pleased to announce Jeanne Bergeron has joined the team at Community Business Finance.

  • The 504 Loan Program Will Create Your Success Story

    Is your current location stifling your growth? Do you need to increase your production capacity? Is your landlord selling your location? Community Business Finance's 504 Loan Program is the right tool for your financial needs. We understand that taking the first steps toward business expansion can feel overwhelming, or that sometimes the unexpected happens. Community Business Finance believes in the power of its 504 Loan Program and the freedom that this financing can provide.

  • Five Reasons to Love Our New Website

    Community Business Finance is committed to providing business loans for business dreams. It is our mission to promote job creation in our communities by providing the best available financing terms to the businesses we serve. Therefore, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website! We have added new features that provide easier and faster access to the information you need about our 504 Loan Program.

  • Three Ways a 504 Loan Will Support Business Growth

    Community Business Finance's mission is to help companies expand through its 504 Loan Program. We understand that expansion can be a scary and overwhelming prospect. However, most small businesses are dynamic and choose progress over stagnation. Darren L Johnson said, "Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle for a business owner with any size business is the internal response to the question - 'Now what?' Often this question is followed by a deer in the headlights response, which is then followed by stagnation. Following stagnation comes fear."