• A Great Business Plan Leads to Success

    Are you prepared to approach lenders for a business loan? One of the first things a potential lender will ask to see is your business plan. In fact, it will be impossible to secure most loans without one. Community Business Finance has touted the importance of a business plan before, but it is not just another hoop to jump through on the road to funding. It is a living document that shows investors, advisors and lenders the you are serious about making your business successful.

  • Preparation is the Key to Success for 504 Loans

    Alexander Graham Bell once said, "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." This applies to any aspect of life, but is especially true in business. For small business owners seeking financing for expansion or starting a business, being well prepared for the application process can mean the difference between success and failure. Fortunately, a powerful ally exists in Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs).

  • Purchasing a Special Purpose Property

    Community Business Finance's 504 Loan Program is specifically designed for purchasing property or equipment with a low fixed interest rate and as little as 10% down. However, the SBA classifies some properties as a "special purpose property," which requires a 15% down payment on 504 loans. Even though borrowers planning to buy a special purpose property should be prepared for this additional expense, it can still be a much lower down payment than conventional lenders require.