• We Are Your 504 Loan Resource

    Community Business Finance's mission is to encourage economic development throughout Texas and Louisiana. In carrying out this mission, we are dedicated to borrower education and seek to inform businesses about the underutilized 504 Loan Program. As a dynamic resource for our communities, we have created a library of information to help borrowers understand the 504 Loan Program and prepare them for a successful loan outcome.

  • Before You Renew Your Lease, Consider Property Ownership

    While it might seem easier to renew the lease on your building, you should consider the many advantages of owning your business property. Even though there are costs associated with moving to a new location, property ownership can have a significant positive impact on your business. With the 504 Loan Program, owning provides financial advantages that leasing cannot, while offering control and long-term consistency.

  • What is a Personal Guarantee?

    When you get any business loan, the lender wants assurance that you will pay the loan back. There are several ways for a lender to protect itself, but two of the most common are for the lender to require collateral and a personal guarantee. A personal guarantee is a legal contract between a lender and business owners or other individuals to guarantee loan repayment. These guarantors agree that a lender has the right to pursue loan repayment directly from their personal net worth if the loan should go in default.

  • We Are Now Community Business Finance

    Community CDC is excited to announce our name is now Community Business Finance. After more than a decade helping businesses in Texas and Louisiana achieve their dreams, we want our name to better reflect our mission. We believe that Community Business Finance defines our goal to help businesses in our communities obtain the financing they need to expand and improve their companies.