• 10 Reasons to Support Small Business Saturday

    This Saturday, November 28th, is Small Business Saturday. Positioned between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday allows us to use our holiday shopping dollars to recognize the importance of small businesses and the contributions they make to our communities and our country's economy.

    As Community Business Finance celebrates its 10th anniversary, we enter this holiday season by offering consumers 10 reasons to support their neighborhood small businesses on Small Business Saturday.

    1. The American Dream – The American dream is defined in part by the ability for anyone to open his/her own business. Entrepreneurship drives this country's economic prosperity and fuels innovation. When you shop at small businesses, you support the dreams of others.

    2. Small businesses create jobs – Small businesses in the U.S. created nearly 2 million of the approximately 3 million private-sector jobs generated in 2014. Patronizing these businesses means keeping people employed and creating new jobs as they grow.

    3. Local businesses care about your community - 92% of all small business owners personally donate to charities and non-profit organizations, over half encourage their employees to volunteer their time, and many support local causes. Shopping at local independent businesses helps your community thrive.

    4. Buying local keeps the money in your neighborhood - $68 of every $100 spent at a local independent store is reinvested in the community versus $43 with a larger retailer.

    5. Strengthen local influence – Supporting local ownership allows important decisions to be made by people who live in the neighborhood and care about how those decisions will impact the community.

    6. Create community relationships – Local small businesses use the goods and services of other local businesses such as banks and farms. This creates both social and economic relationships among residents, other business owners, schools and community leaders.

    7. Increase tourism – Independent retailers and service providers can offer unique goods and experiences that lure tourists to your community, boosting the local economy.

    8. Help the environment – Because many small businesses offer locally sourced products, the carbon footprint for packaging and transportation is reduced.

    9. Personalized customer service – Independent business owners care about the people in the neighborhoods they serve, often delivering exceptional, personalized and sometimes unexpected customer service.

    10. It feels good! – The holiday season is the perfect time to spread cheer and offer good tidings to your local small businesses. It just feels good to support the businesses that make up your community.

    When you consider how many small businesses surround you in your everyday lives, it is hard to imagine life without them. Let's support our local independent merchants on Small Business Saturday and thank them for sustaining our nation's prosperity. Community Business Finance wishes you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    To discover how Community Business Finance can help you create a success story for your small business, contact our offices:

    In Texas call Bill Ebersole at 713-457-1650, ext. 201, or email him at bill@communitybusinessfinance.com.

    In Louisiana, call Jeanne Bergeron at 1-800-462-1017 or email her at jeanne@communitybusinessfinance.com.

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