• 3 Ways Tax Returns Impact 504 Loans

    It's that time of year again: tax season. Community Business Finance wants to remind you about the importance of completing your tax returns and how your returns can affect your ability to get the business financing you need. When applying for an SBA loan, lenders will look very closely at your tax returns. It is a key piece of information that gives lenders a wealth of insight into the health of your business.

    1. Tax returns verify your income

    Perhaps most importantly, lenders use your tax returns to verify your income. Lenders use the income declared on your returns to determine the amount of money they are willing to loan you, as well as to assess your ability to repay the loan.

    2. Tax returns determine your level of risk

    Your reported income is also used to determine your debt-to-income ratio, which is simply the percentage of your monthly gross income that is used to pay your monthly debts. The higher your debt-to-income ratio, the higher the lender's risk, and lenders are always concerned with risk.

    3. Tax returns reveal your character

    Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. It is perhaps the most important of all the qualities in the 5 Cs of Credit. Banks want to loan money to people with good credentials and references, but they also consider how you take responsibility. If you have not fulfilled your obligation to file your personal income taxes or your business income taxes, this negatively impacts your character for both lenders and the SBA. The SBA will not approve a 504 loan application if you have not filed your taxes properly.

    The most successful businesses in America are the ones that accurately report their income and faithfully pay their taxes. Providing accurate tax returns is essential to getting the business financing you need, with terms that work best for you.
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