• The 504 Loan Program Step by Step Step 3: Closing

    Community Business Finance's mission is to encourage economic development throughout Texas and Louisiana. As part of this mission, we are dedicated to borrower education on our 504 Loan Program.

    Your 504 loan will go through four stages during the loan process. Community Business Finance will navigate the entire process, from application through final funding, to make it as easy as possible for you. Today we will explain Step 3: Closing as part of a four-part series.

    Step 3: Closing

    As we discussed in Step 2, Community Business Finance partners with your bank to share the total financing for the loan. During initial funding, your bank funds a first lien loan as well as a bridge loan to provide interim financing while your SBA 504 loan is being prepared for funding.

    Once you move into your building, Community Business Finance accelerates the 504 funding process to pay off the bank's bridge loan and. We're in constant communication with your bank and other entities involved in preparing your final 504 loan documents.

    Our closing processor may contact you to get additional information not already provided to the bank. If more than six months have passed since your 504 loan was approved, we will need updated financial information. As a reminder, a list of the financial information you will need to provide can be found on our website.

    Next, we arrange to have you sign your final SBA loan documents for funding. Join us next week for Part 4: Final Funding.

    Part 1: Application and Approval

    Part 2: Initial Funding

    Part 4: Final Funding

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