• 504 Loans Help Communities

    We are wrapping up our celebration of Women's Small Business Month with one more success story of a women-owned business that has improved her business and her community through the 504 Loan Program.

    As a behavioral therapist, Jessica Cordova established Autism House in Magnolia, Texas to work with parents and schools to help children with autism reach their full potential. She enjoyed working with children, but realized her office did not allow her enough space to provide her services effectively. Forced to meet with children and their parents at outside locations, she decided to relocate to a larger space to allow her to reach more children.

    Jessica found a residential home that was perfect for her needs. The comfortable home setting would put the children at ease, and the location offered a much larger space to accommodate a growing list of children in her community that needed her services. Because she would be operating a business there, she needed a commercial real estate loan instead of a residential loan.

    Seeking an SBA loan for her small business, Jessica soon realized that the 504 Loan Program offered loan terms that a conventional loan could not beat. Community Business Finance secured a loan for her that required only a 10% down payment and offered a lower fixed interest rate than a conventional loan. This gave her a monthly mortgage payment that she could afford. The entire process from initial application to final funding took only five months!

    Community Business Finance's 504 Loan Program allowed Jessica to purchase a much needed, larger space and provide her services to more children. The additional square footage combined with affordable monthly payments meant that she could hire six new employees, grow her clientele, serve her community's needs, and achieve her business dreams.

    Contact Community Business Finance today to see why our 504 Loan Program is the right choice for your business expansion financing, and why we are the right lending partner to build your business dreams.

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