• 504 Loans Help Dreams Come True

    We are continuing our celebration of National Women's Small Business Month by demonstrating how the 504 Loan Program provides the critical funding that women-owned businesses need to establish or expand their companies and improve their communities.

    Community Business Finance helped our client, a licensed therapist in Texas, purchase a business condominium. She was leasing a very small space and was only seeing private patients on a part-time basis. However, our client had a vision of not only helping more people, but of working with a group of professionals to expand the variety of services offered. Her dream simply required more space to give each therapist the room needed to grow her business and improve the lives of her clientele.

    When she approached Community Business Finance, she had already tried to obtain a conventional loan but had been turned down. Fortunately, we have relationships with a variety of lenders and knew just the right bank with which to partner in offering our client a 504 Loan. Through the 504 Loan Program, this woman-owned business was able to purchase a condominium with six offices, which she soon filled with a variety of therapeutic services to help her clients.

    Contact Community Business Finance today to see why our 504 Loan Program is the right choice for your business financing, and why we are the right lending partner to build your business dreams.

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