• 5th Annual National Veterans Small Business Week

    November 5-9, 2018 marks the fifth annual National Veterans Small Business Week. NVSBW was created to honor Veteran entrepreneurs who continue to serve our country by starting businesses, creating jobs and fueling economic growth.

    U.S. Veterans are an integral part of our business landscape. Veterans own and operate nearly one-tenth of the 27 million small businesses in the United States critical to our nation's economy.

    Given its size, it might not surprise you to learn that Texas has the second largest number of Veteran-owned businesses in the U.S., with over 8 percent of the nation's total. Community Business Finance is dedicated to helping Veterans start and grow their businesses in both Texas and Louisiana.

    We have the knowledge and experience to be your partner in securing an SBA loan to finance your business goals. Community Business Finance is thankful to the service men and women who have given so generously to our country.

    For more information on our 504 Loan Program, visit our 504 School, or contact our offices to find out how we can help you.

    Jeanne Bergeron
    Business Development Director
    800-462-1017, ext. 203

    Bill Ebersole
    713-457-1650, ext. 201


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