• Choosing the Right CDC Makes a Difference

    Just like no two businesses are exactly the same, every Certified Development Corporation is different. A CDC is a nonprofit organization certified by the SBA to provide 504 loans to small businesses. Under the 504 Loan Program, a CDC partners with another lender to share the total financing for a loan. Both partners make a loan to a qualifying small business. Therefore, choosing the right CDC can make a huge difference in your loan process experience.

    Community Business Finance is the Right Partner

    Community Business Finance has relationships with a variety of lending institutions. We believe our relationships with lenders are the key to promoting economic development in our communities. We know which lenders are willing to finance more speculative projects, and which industries appeal to certain lenders. This knowledge translates to better loan terms for your business.

    Our Lender Relationships Bring Better Loan Terms

    Per SBA regulations, 504 loans must involve a CDC for the guaranteed portion of the loan. Clients often approach us after they have a loan offer from a conventional lender, sometimes their very own bank, and these loan offers are not always the best terms that a business can merit. Community Business Finance recently had a client approach us with a loan from a bank that wanted a 35% down payment. We were able to find another lender that would accept only 10% down and also reduced the interest rate on the loan by 2%.

    Choose Community Business Finance First

    Our loan officers' experience and relationships allow you to partner with a bank that offers the best financing for your business. You won't be restricted to tailoring your loan terms to suit the lender, but rather gaining the freedom to use a lender that suits your best interests.
    Partnering with Community Business Finance keeps everything on track and avoids missteps that may hinder the loan process. Our attention to detail is why we have a proven history of faster approvals and faster loan turnarounds.

    Contact Community Business Finance today to see why our 504 Loan Program is the right choice for your business financing, and why we are the right lending partner to build your business dreams.

    You can get started with a 504 loan by filling out a short online form and a loan expert will contact you.
    You can also contact our offices:

    In Texas call Bill Ebersole at 713-457-1650, ext. 201, or email him at bill@communitybusinessfinance.com.

    In Louisiana, call Jeanne Bergeron at 1-800-462-1017, or email her at jeanne@communitybusinessfinance.com.


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