• Five Reasons to Love Our New Website

    Community Business Finance is committed to providing business loans for business dreams. It is our mission to promote job creation in our communities by providing the best available financing terms to the businesses we serve. Therefore, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website! We have added new features that provide easier and faster access to the information you need about our 504 Loan Program.

    1. Get started with just one click
    Our new Get Started section allows you to easily send our loan officers some basic information about your financing needs. We will contact you quickly with loan information that is specific to your company and explain how our 504 Loan Program will help you achieve your dream.

    2. Interest rate at a glance
    Just need to know the current 504 interest rate being offered? We've got it! The debenture rate for 504 loans changes every month. You can find the current rate right on our home page.

    3. Calculate your estimated loan payment
    With our new Loan Calculator, you can estimate your monthly 504 loan payment. You enter your total project costs and we use the current debenture rate and an average lender rate to estimate your monthly loan payment. Currently leasing a property? You can quickly compare your monthly rent expenses to the cost of purchasing a building to see the savings property ownership offers.

    4. Easily find what you are looking for
    We have added a new search feature to make it easier than ever to find the information you are looking for. In addition to our in-depth 504 School, Community Business Finance has a large archive of useful information in our blog.

    Do you want to know if interest rates are rising or the benefits of property ownership? Our search feature allows you to quickly search our entire website for just the right information.

    5. Be prepared to get the loan
    Are you wondering what you need to provide when applying for our 504 Loan Program? In our 504 School, we have a quick list of what you need. We also have tips on how to create a business plan. Community Business Finance strives to provide you with all the tools for a successful loan application.

    There are even more new features we are excited to share with you on our new website. Be sure to check out our FAQ for quick answers to the most common questions about our 504 Loan Program.

    Ready to get started with your 504 loan?

    You can also contact our offices:

    In Texas call Bill Ebersole at 713-457-1650, ext. 201, or email him at bill@communitybusinessfinance.com.

    In Louisiana, call Jeanne Bergeron at 1-800-462-1017 or email her at jeanne@communitybusinessfinance.com.

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