Improve Your 504 Loan Outcome with Community Business Finance

Whether your business needs a new office space or manufacturing equipment, securing a loan is often the first step. Finding the right lender and the right loan for your business can be confusing and exhausting. Fortunately, Community Business Finance offers the 504 Loan Program which will help you expand your operations.

Bringing the right people together is important to the success of any project. It is helpful to have all of the proper information right from the start, and Community Business Finance will help. As experts in the 504 Loan Program, we will lay the foundation for a successful loan process.

The right loan + the right lender = success

With Community Business Finance, you gain a partner in expanding your business. Every business is different and has different needs. We start by discussing your business plan and reviewing your financial capacity. We will identify any possible issues and provide guidance to address them.

The next step is to find the right lender to fit your business goal. With access to multiple banks, we have done the research for you. We know which lenders are willing to finance more speculative projects, and which lenders are suitable for stronger projects that may have low interest.

Faster and easier 504 loan application and approval process

Community Business Finance has the experience and depth of knowledge surrounding 504 loans to make the financing process faster and easier for all parties.

The loan application process doesn't have to be a time-consuming headache. Our loan underwriter will assemble the company, financial and personal information required for your application and the 504 loan package.

Our loan officer and processor coordinate closely with your lender to avoid process duplication, saving time and frustration. We then obtain approval for the 504 loan package and arrange for SBA authorization of funds. Once the project is completed, we accelerate the 504 funding process. We are in constant communication with your lender and other entities involved in preparing your final 504 loan documents. Once you have signed your 504 loan documents, we submit them to the SBA for you.

Our knowledge of the 504 Loan Program and experience with a variety of lenders keeps everything on track and prevents missteps that may hinder the loan process. This attention to details is why we have a proven history of faster approvals and faster loan turnarounds.

Prevent the frustrations that come with finding a business loan, and receive your money faster and easier. Contact Community Business Finance today and let us become your partner in expanding your business.

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