• 504 Loan Application Checklist

    Community Business Finance is proud to be an expert in the 504 Loan Program. Our knowledge and years of experience provide the foundation for a faster, easier business financing process. Through 504 loans, we have helped over 200 businesses in Texas and Louisiana borrow over $150 million to expand their operations and create new jobs.

  • Protect Your Financial Future With the 504 Loan Program

    We've all heard the adage, "It's not what you know, but who you know." While there is much truth in this statement, when it comes to business financing what you know can help protect your financial future. When a business needs a loan, it is natural for the owner to first approach the bank that services their everyday financial needs. It is, in fact, who they know. But what happens if they are denied a loan at their bank?

  • Get Organized for an SBA Loan

    Community Business Finance has helped over 200 small businesses acquire the financing they need through SBA loans. SBA loan programs can provide funds for working capital, buying commercial property, financing a start-up venture, and purchasing new machinery or equipment, including commercial vessels and mobile cranes.

  • Debunking the Myth that SBA Loans Take Too Long

    Bill Ebersole debunks the prevailing myths that SBA loans take too long and have too much paperwork. The truth is that working with an SBA expert like Community Business Finance will make the process faster. We help you gather the necessary paperwork and work with your chosen lender to avoid duplication.

    Community Business Finance is an expert in all SBA lending programs serving Texas and Louisiana. Contact Community Business Finance today to learn more about how our experience can streamline the SBA loan process for your financing needs.

  • SBA 504 vs. 7(a) Loans for Commercial Real Estate

    Bill Ebersole explains the differences between the SBA 504 and 7(a) lending programs in regard to commercial real estate financing. The 504 Loan Program was designed specifically for real estate and equipment purchases. It offers a fixed interest rate for 20 years. While the 7(a) Loan Program usually has a variable interest rate, Bill offers insight as to why 7(a) loans are sometimes used for real estate financing. Community Business Finance specializes in 504 fixed-rate loans in Texas and Louisiana, but we are experts in all SBA lending programs.

  • Community Business Finance Can Help You with the Loan Process

    Bill Ebersole explains how Community Business Finance can help borrowers when they are considering a business loan in Texas or Louisiana.   Lenders do not always present all the available loan options to borrowers. This is where Community Business Finance can help. We will explain all of the loan options, help you find a suitable lender, or assist your chosen lender in structuring SBA loans properly. 

  • Protect Your Personal Savings by Using the 504 Loan Program

    Businesses that need expansion financing have felt forced to look at riskier options when they are denied a conventional loan. Sometimes business owners don't even approach their bank for a loan, having been turned down in the past. Owners may not be aware that the 504 Loan Program is even an option for their business, or feel they would not qualify.