• 10 Great Reasons to Choose a 504 Loan

    Community Business Finance is celebrating our 10th anniversary, and in honor of this milestone we want to share 10 great reasons the 504 Loan Program is a better loan for your business financial needs. As a reminder, the 504 Loan Program provides businesses with financing for major fixed assets such as office buildings, retail buildings, warehouse facilities, machinery and equipment.

  • 504 Loans for Business Acquisitions

    SBA loans provide financing for almost every business purpose, including real estate, equipment, working capital and business acquisition. Usually the SBA 7(a) loan gets all the attention, and it is the most commonly used SBA loan. 7(a) loans are designed for working capital, and funds can be used toward purchasing a business. However, there are many benefits to the 504 Loan Program that should not be overlooked, even when purchasing a business.

  • 3 Ways Tax Returns Impact 504 Loans

    It's that time of year again: tax season. Community Business Finance wants to remind you about the importance of completing your tax returns and how your returns can affect your ability to get the business financing you need. When applying for an SBA loan, lenders will look very closely at your tax returns. It is a key piece of information that gives lenders a wealth of insight into the health of your business.

  • Defeat Your Financing Obstacles with a 504 Loan

    Often there are real obstacles to getting conventional financing that your business needs, especially if you are a start-up. Start-ups do not have the financial history needed for a traditional lender to accurately assess the loan risk. Sometimes, a new business is so unique that the building they need is considered a special purpose property that can deter lenders. This is where Community Business Finance's 504 Loan Program can make a real difference.

  • Celebrating 10 Years of Business Loans for Business Dreams

    Community Business Finance is celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2015. We are dedicated to providing business loans for business dreams. Since 2005, our mission is to help companies expand with long-term, low down payment, fixed-rate financing. We promote job creation in our communities by providing the best available financing terms to the businesses we serve.

  • Partner with Community Business Finance in 2015

    Community Business Finance is looking forward to helping business owners achieve their dreams in 2015. We have much to celebrate this year, including our 10th anniversary. We are also pleased to announce that we have a new team member.

    Susan Spurgeon joined our team in 2014 as our Business Development Assistant. Susan will work with borrowers and lenders during the loan application and closing processes. She will utilize her previous experience in communication to help bring additional efficiencies to Community Business Finance's 504 Loan Program.

  • The 504 Loan Program Works for Middle Market Businesses

    When you think "small business" do you imagine mom and pop stores with a handful of employees? Think again! Out of the 6 million US businesses with employees, over 98% are defined as a small business. This means that many companies that identify as middle market also qualify as a small business concern and are eligible for Community Business Finance's 504 Loan Program.

  • Community Business Finance Should Be Your First Stop

    The quest for business financing does not have to be an endless search for information. Community Business Finance's website has all the materials you need at your fingertips. In fact, CommunityCDC.com should be your first stop for the 504 Loan Program.

    Want to know the current 504 interest rate?

    Just need to know the current 504 interest rate being offered? We've got it! The debenture rate for 504 loans changes every month. You can find the current rate right on our home page.

  • Not All Certified Development Corporations Are the Same

    Just like no two businesses are exactly the same, every Certified Development Corporation is different. A CDC is a nonprofit organization certified by the SBA to provide 504 loans to small businesses. Under the 504 Loan Program, a CDC partners with another lender to share the total financing for a loan. Both partners make a loan to a qualifying small business. Therefore, choosing the right CDC can make a huge difference in your loan process experience.

  • Turn a No Into a Yes: A 504 Loan in Action

    About year ago an entrepreneur who had a dream to open an indoor gun range contacted Community Business Finance. The owner was doing all the right things as a start-up. He was working with a business consultant to create a business plan that explained his vision and supported his income projections.