• Stop Selling Yourself Short to Lenders

    Winston Churchill said notably, "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." Too often, business owners approach lenders with an indifferent attitude about their company. When applying for any business loan, you should present your best qualities to lenders. In other words, you should sell lenders on the idea that your business is a great candidate for a loan. After all, no one knows your business better than you do!

  • Why Conditions Matter to the 504 Loan Program

    The first 4 Cs of Credit – character, capacity, capital, and collateral – all deal with a company's financial history or current state of affairs. One would think a clean past and current financial strength would make lenders eager to produce a 504 loan, or any business loan. However, lenders are also concerned with the future, and how the future economic outlook may affect your business.