It is Time for Property Ownership

Rising Interest Rates and the 504 Loan Program

After years of historic lows, interest rates are finally on the rise. Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Ben Bernanke has said that the Federal Reserve would begin to taper their bond-buying stimulus program this year. The central bank launched the program in 2008 to help lower long-term interest rates and stimulate economic activity. 

Meeting the Challenge of Growth: An SBA 504 Loan in Action

Bourjois Abboud's business was booming. While this growth was exciting, he found it difficult for his facility's size to keep pace with the increased demands of his clientele. Looking at industry projections, Mr. Abboud realized he simply needed more space.

Expanding Your Business: An SBA Loan in Action

Has your business outgrown your current facility? Is your business offering new services or growing into new markets? Community Business Finance can help your expanding business with an SBA 504 loan. Funds from a 504 loan can be used to purchase and renovate your existing building, purchase land and construct a new building, and acquire new machinery and equipment. Community Business Finance has helped many businesses get the funding to expand their facilities and create new jobs.

Advantages of Owning Versus Leasing Commercial Property

Before renewing the lease on your office space, have you considered the advantages of owning your business property? It can have a significant impact on your business. There are many benefits to owning office space. Owning offers control, consistency, and financial advantages that leasing cannot provide.