Community Business Finance is dedicated to providing business loans for business dreams. Partnering with Community Business Finance means having the experience, efficiency, and relationships to create a success story for your borrowers.




The Right Partner

504 Benefits for Lenders

Reduce Credit Risk – The standard 50% loan-to-value 1st lien position minimizes collateral exposure for the lender.

Satisfy Current Customers – SBA 504 offers longer terms, fixed interest rates, and low down payments desired by your existing small business customers.

Win New Customers – New and expanding businesses are seeking long-term banking loyal relationships with lenders that provide attractive SBA loan terms.

Earn CRA Credits – Banks that participate in the SBA 504 Loan Program are eligible for Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit on certain projects.

Outsource Support – SBA eligibility determination and loan structuring for all types of industries, businesses, properties, funding needs, etc. provided by Community Business Finance staff at no cost to the lender.

Why Partner with Us?


We have the Experience

Accomplishments since 2005, include:


Loans Booked

$500 Million+

Projects Funded


Jobs created in Texas and Louisiana

3 Major

Community Partners:

SCORE, local SBDCs, and the Greater Houston Business Procurement Forum


We have the Efficiency

Community Business Finance has invested in cutting-edge technology.

Digital Documentation
We ensure the collection and digital transfer of required application documentation is simple and secure during the application process.

Responsive & Reliable Loan Professionals
We quickly obtain the required information and properly structure the loan to comply with SBA guidelines from the beginning to save valuable time.


We have the Relationships

Community Business Finance has a large, influential network.

Economic Development
Our local connections with accounting, banking, legal, and real estate professionals lead to opportunities for business expansion, construction of new buildings, job creation, and prosperity in our communities.

Entrepreneur Support
Our partnerships with community, regional, and national lenders provide multiple funding sources to support speculative startup businesses.


We have Clear Objectives

Community Business Finance has high standards of performance.

Communication & Education
We establish clear expectations with lenders and business owners upfront.

We value follow-up and creativity.

We regularly train our staff and lending partners about the 504 loan program and continuously evaluate our processing methods.

Engagement & Reciprocation
We are available anytime to discuss the challenges and merits of a borrowing opportunity.

We are committed to identifying business owners who need a loan to finance a building or heavy equipment.

We can refer an experienced conventional lending partner to participate with us if the current bank is not interested in the SBA 504 advantages.


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