At Community Business Finance, we are dedicated to making "Business Loans for Business Dreams." We are proud to share these success stories of businesses that have benefited from Community Business Finance's SBA 504 Grow Loan Program.

Southern Outdoor Power/Yard Power

When he began his business in 2010, entrepreneur Micah Hogan had no need for commercial real estate, as Southern Outdoor Power, LLC is strictly an e-commerce platform, specializing in Bad Boy Mowers parts and accessories. However, over the next eight years, it grew into a multi-faceted business that includes retail, service and e-commerce.

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Fish Gallery

Since he got his first job at 12 years old, Roger DeGregori's passion has been aquariums. He opened Fish Gallery as an aquarium installation and service business over 25 years ago in Rice Village. With the addition of a retail storefront, Roger believes that the diversity of the business is crucial to its success.

"We do everything. We can sell just a goldfish bowl, no problem. If you want a bigger impressive tank, great! Or, if you just want to look at them, we will provide all the services needed for larger tanks." You can hear the enthusiasm in Roger's voice when he talks about his passion. That enthusiasm led him to move Fish Gallery to a busier location in Houston, with a long lease contract.

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Advanced Pharma

Bourjois Abboud's business was booming. While this growth was exciting, he found it difficult for his facility's size to keep pace with the increased demands of his clientele. Looking at industry projections, Mr. Abboud realized he simply needed more space.

In 2004, regulatory changes enacted by the United States Pharmacopeia required higher levels of quality assurance when preparing compounded drugs. To meet these new standards, hospitals began looking to outsource these drug preparations. Advanced Pharma was established in 2005 to partner with hospitals and deliver IV admixing services that met the quality assurance levels established in the new guidelines.

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Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists

Dr. Charles Quick knew what he didn't want and had a vision for what could be. After leaving academia and setting up his own private practice, he realized what he missed most was the consultative nature of the academic environment. He knew he wanted to create a business where he could work with other professionals who shared his passion for veterinary medicine and the animals that they serve, in an environment that supported his ideal of work/life balance.

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While some might believe that success is a matter of luck, geologist-turned-restaurateur Tracy Vaught and her chef-extraordinaire husband Hugo Ortega might dare to differ with you. Their formula for success: foresight, vision, conservative growth and hard work.

Tracy owned several restaurants before opening Hugo's, so she had developed a formula that worked well for the businesses she operated. Around 2000, Tracy and Hugo leased the 1920s-era, 5800-square-foot building at 1800 Westheimer. The building once housed several smaller businesses including a plumbing supply shop, bakery, drug store and offices of Houston architect Joseph Finger (famed designer responsible for such noteworthy sights as Houston's City Hall, River Oaks Country Club and the Lancaster Hotel).

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Westside Recycling & Auto Salvage

Souhail Adam's business has grown rapidly from a small tow truck business to a multifaceted group of businesses including tow trucks, a collision shop, and two auto storage lots. In mid 2007, Mr. Adam began researching the feasibility of opening a car salvage and scrap metal yard located in Southwest Houston. In conjunction with Wallis State Bank, Community Business Finance structured a 504 Loan to build a state-of-the-art facility. Westside Recycling has grown rapidly since opening in 2009, and has created 11 new jobs. Much of the scrap metal salvaged is exported to foreign countries. The combination of Mr. Adam's entrepreneurial vision and Community Business Finance's 504 Loan program have resulted in a thriving business which creates jobs in the community and enhances US exports.

John Moore

John Moore Services came to Community Business Finance in 2007 seeking a new facility to provide room for growth, greater efficiencies and visibility to the market. The company had experienced tremendous growth over the years and was seeking to expand into new services and new markets. In conjunction with Woodforest Bank, Community Business Finance structured a 504 Loan to build a 46,500-square-foot facility prominently located on the Sam Houston Tollway in Northwest Houston. Since opening the new facility in 2008, the business has continued its rapid growth and the company has created 60 new jobs.

Children's Universe of Lake Conroe

In 2009, Children's Universe approached Community Business Finance seeking to establish a fourth day care location. Working in conjunction with Wells Fargo Bank, Community Business Finance provided 504 Loan financing to build a new 14,463-square-foot day care facility in Lake Conroe, TX. The financing provided a much needed service to the rapidly growing Lake Conroe area and has created 30 new jobs.

Welbor Technology, Inc.

John M. Birckhead and Christopher W. Mayeu founded Welbor Technology, Inc. in September 2003. The company engineers, designs and manufactures products for the oilfield services industry. The Community Business Finance 504 Loan financing, completed in conjunction with Wells Fargo Bank, facilitated the purchase of the land and building that Welbor was previously leasing. The 504 Loan allowed the company to stabilize its office space needs and provides room for future growth and expansion while minimizing the down payment required to purchase the building.